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Tournament Seeding Report

The tournament director has chosen not to show any information about the teams in the tournament prior to the tournament. If the tournament date has passed, please allow the tournament director ample time to input the results. If ample time has passed please contact the tournament director.

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Event Information

Event Date {{tournInfo.iStartDate}}
Location {{seeds.parkName}}
Class {{seeds.className}}


# Reg Number State - City
USSSA Points
Power Rating for
Teams Registered Class
Team Name
In Class Record Overall Record Team Class Manager Name
{{team.rank}} {{team.registration}} {{team.TeamState}} - {{team.teamcity}} {{team.points}} {{team.Rating}} {{team.teamname}} {{team.Wins}}-{{team.Loses}} {{team.OverallWins}}-{{team.OverallLoses}} {{team.TeamClass}} {{team.ManagerName}}

Note: Previous matchups will be displayed below with winner on left. Ties are displayed with a tan background.


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