USSSA Softball Bat New Mark Rules*

  • Have the new permanent (1) USSSA Mark on its taper OR
  • Be a Wood Bat (2)

All of the above must be manufactured by an approved USSA Bat Licensee

* Bats which meet these rules will be allowed in USSSA play, unless the bat is listed on the USSSA Withdrawn/Non-Compliant Bats List (found under Licensed Equipment – New Bat Rules section of the USSSA Baseball website) as a bat withdrawn by the manufacturer or found by USSSA to be non-compliant.  No bat is legal in USSSA if there is any ball suggestion, limitation or requirement on the bat in permanent or other form placed on the bat by the manufacturer or otherwise set forth in any written materials of the manufacturer about the use of the bat.

(1)  USSSA marks and other graphics of the bat must be applied permanently and must be applied by the USSSA licensed manufacturer.  No stickers or decals are allowed and no one may add graphics to a bat once manufactured.  Use of a bat with graphics not applied by the manufacturer will be use of an altered bat and subject to suspension under the USSSA Altered Bat rules.  In addition to being in violation of the USSSA altered Bat rules, any use, creation or application of a USSSA mark without written permission of USSSA is a violation of Federal Trademark law and may result in prosecution by USSSA.  If you have any concern about the person selling or providing you a bat, do not accept the bat, because you will be help responsible for any bat you bring into or use in a USSSA facility.

(2) Wood bats must be 2 1/4″ or less in diameter and unlike other USSSA approved softball bats do not require the words “Official Softball” to be legal in USSSA sanctioned activities.


Effective June 1, 2016