Create & Register Your Team for All Sport

Once you have created your manager account, please return to the log-in screen to login to your Manager Account.  Once that is done, here are the steps to creating a new team:

  1. After you log-in, click on the [Create a New Team] or [REGISTER EXISTING TEAM FOR NEW SEASON] button (they go to the same place).
  2. Select your Sport.
  3. Complete Team Details
    1. YELLOW – Be sure to select the correct registration season you are looking for.
    2. BLUE – Select your Registration Type (this can vary by sport)
    3. RED – Select the Age/Class you wish to register for.  This can dictate the age of player that will be allowed onto your roster, be sure to use the correct age.  If you are not sure what Age you should be selecting, use our Age Calculator.  This can be found under the sport menu you are registering for.
      1. Baseball & Fastpitch restrict registration to some classes to prevent teams dropping to a class they do not belong to.
        1. Baseball = “A”
        2. Fastpitch = “C”
      2. If you wish to register as one of these classes, please register one class above (“AA” for baseball or “B” for fastpitch”).  Then contact your state director to be reclassified.  Most will require you to have your roster online first, so please complete that asap as well.
  4. Purchase or Opt Out of USSSA Insurance
    1. Following your selection of the form, you will be prompted to pay the yearly registration fee.  This fee is required to required to register the team for the upcoming season and enter and participate in USSSA events.
      1. You will also have the option of choosing to purchase USSSA insurance at this time for your team.  You can do so in one transaction.  If you do not purchase at this time, you can still purchase that for your team on your dashboard at a later time.